Plastic cups in Elko Nevada mail

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Basque culture is alive and well in Nevada! See what went on at the 2019 National Basque Festival in Elko, Nevada. With Basque American dancers, weightlifters, woodchoppers, pilotaris, and musicians, it was a 4th of July weekend full of activities. Anne-Marie handed this video over to her sister, Stephanie. So follow Stephanie through her Basque festival weekend!See other Basque American Festival recaps:- Bakersfield, California: - Chino, California: ----Sign up for the Basque Walking Tour of San Francisco: ---Stephanie's Real Estate Business: Stephanie's Marketing Business: ---Learn more about the Elko Euzkaldunak Club: ---► Subscribe to the channel: ---Read the blog: ---Sign up for the email newsletter: ---Shop Hella Basque merch: ---Follow Hella Basque online:Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #Basque #BasqueAmerican

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