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This pharmaceutical equipment,ie capsule pharmaceutical pills filling machine encapsulation equipment medical pharmaceutical field, is designed and further improved on the base of original full auto. Capsule filling mac-hine from home and aboard, with high technology and exclusive performance, its function can reach international leading level, it is an ideal equipment for capsule and medicine in pharmaceutical industry.Features of capsule fillign machine:1. Good-looking appearance, exquisite workmanship, ease of operation, simplicity of use. 2.Stowage seat and measuring plate are designed as one unit to make measuring plate and stowage rod without deviation phenomenon, avoid friction phenomenon between stowage rod and measuring plate, improve its precision highly, furthermore, it delays the machine's life greatly.3. Ineligible capsule can be eliminated automatically qualified rate not included, the medicine in the capsule can be recycled and be reused, thus it can increase greatly heconomic efficiency. 4.Simplicity and convenience of dismantling , installation and clean, various models of mould can be replaced each other, the mould of 800 model and 1000model as well as 1200 model can be replaced mutually on the same machine to meet different requirement of capacity. 5. Dust collector and vacuum pipe as well as waste air pipe are installed in the inner of the machine , avoid the air pipe becoming hard, broken and leakage etc phenomenon, it is more convenient to clean the platform. Furthermore, it accords GMP the requirement that medicine can not contact with organic material.6 .The cap of stowage rod is made of stainless steel to replace original plastic cap to void breaking phenomenon; in the other hand, the screws and caps on the platform lesser to make the whole appearance more good-looking.Main technical parameters of capsule pharmaceutical pills filling machine encapsulation equipment for medical pharmaceutical field:Model NJP800 NJP1000 NJP1200capacity 800 1000 1200 capsules/minNO.of die holes 6 8 9capsule size NO. 00-5filling precision more than 98%dosing precision Better than the stipulation of State Pharmacopoeiapower 380V 50Hz three-phase with four wirespower 3kwnoise less than 80dB Avacuum 0.04-0.06Mpaair pressure 75m3/h 0.4Mpasuction 700m2/h 2x105paoverall dimension 970x820x1900mm LxWxH net weight 900kgOur Factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about various high quality machinery like capsule pharmaceutical pills filling machine encapsulation equipment for medical pharmaceutical fiel,please email via jackdu999@yahoo.com or browse our website Follow us on twitter: Like us on facebook: Skype us by :turnanewleafCall us via:0086-15811882441. Cosmetics manufacturers in south korea mail

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