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Vermeer China, the horizontal directional drilling rig is under construction .Field-tested to demonstrate they can handle the most exacting large-diameter projects, Vermeer horizontal directional drills are equipped with the features operators need to get the job done. Conquer difficult river crossings and the toughest ground conditions with the Vermeer lineup of powerful maxi-rigs.Designed with your feedback on the unique challenges faced on pipeline jobsites, our directional drills are set apart by the expert service and support provided by the Vermeer network of factory trained dealers and service technicians.We export a series of horizontal directional drilling rig and its spare parts for Vermeer China.Wuxi Geotec Trenchless Equipment Co.,Ltd. Website: TEL/FAX: 86-510 88552380, 88552788 MOBILE: 0086 13806199230 EMAIL:

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