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Top 10 most shocking John Cena moments in professional WWE WrestlingSubscribe to TheSportster For copyright matters please contact us at: david.f@valnetinc.comDescription:When WWE adapted a PG rating, John Cena was often the face associated with that rating. He was very encouraging, family-friendly, and has spent years portraying a heroic good guy that always tries hard to conquer evil. When you take a closer look at Cena’s career, you may quickly realize that the multi-time WWE champion hasn’t always been so squeaky clean. Cena has been involved in a lot of moments and matches that could only be defined as R-rated. The following ten moments capture times from his early days as a heel and some of the more violent matches that he has been involved in. Outside of the ring, Cena has made some interesting choices for both television and movie roles. He’s often veered away from his good-guy image to deliver some R-rated laughs. Watch and relive some of these more controversial adult moments.For more videos and articles visit:. Multi xnxx

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