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Wanna be part of our Garden Of Madness VIP experience at Sportpaleis Antwerp, Belgium? Check out the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike contest: Stream "OPA" now: Tomorrowland enjoyed a weekend of the finest music the electronic scene has to offer. Nestled within the hundreds of hours of music was a record that captivated the crowds with an authentic Greek flavour! Bringing their roots into the music, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have saddled up with KSHMR for a celebration of life with new record ‘OPA’.The lively expression touches the core of human nature. Whether used as an exclamation or affirmation, ‘OPA’ conveys the Greek spirit. Which is the free spirit, the joy, the celebration. A spirit that fills all the music from the creative minds of Dimitri Vegas, KSHMR and Like Mike. It’s what these artists embody and why the creation of this track has so much pizazz, so much feel, so much joy. ‘OPA’ is a feeling, it’s a way of life, ‘OPA’ is pure joy – a statement proven by the love and happiness shared at the mainstage of Tomorrowland where “OPA” featured in great abundance! Featuring as part of 7 new tracks being released across the Tomorrowland period for a mega-sized EP, ‘OPA’ has been one of fan favourites from the special ‘Track Of The Day’ giveaway: Follow Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike on Spotify: Relive the MADNESS with these exclusive Spotify playlists:Bringing The Madness Playlist: The Official Tomorrowland Playlist: The Smash The House Radio Playlist: Follow us on social media: Follow KSHMR on: A film by BEELDHOUWERSDirector : Kyky Kong KongCamera : Kris Lathouwers - Speklord - Twan van broeckProducer: Kris LathouwersCast : Dimitar VassilevTine Van LooverboschArlette KwarletteSter StrybosLissa Van Der AuweraGlenn SchellekensThalina KonaduDerek FlynnMUA : Lissa Van Der AuweraStyling Dimitar : Kyky Kong Kong. Ona bola siks vedio

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