Как сделать шоколадные подтеки золотыми

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in this tutorial I demonstrate how to create an all gold painted mothers day cake. So easy to make! I also have a short announcement at the end relating to changes on my youtube channel.For the Mothers day cake topper: for the buttercream frosting: For more dessert inspiration and for tutorial sneak peeks, visit: In these video tutorials, I normally use Bakels Premixes to save on time. (Bakels is a bakery grade cake premix. Another great one is Allied Mills)If you prefer to bake from scratch, I do have a range of awesome cake recipes here which convert to cupcake recipes very nicely too.MUD CAKE: WHITE CHOCOLATE MUD: CHOCOLATE BUTTER BASED CAKE: RED VELVET BUTTER BASED CAKE: VANILLA BUTTER BASED CAKE: I use these butter based cakes above because they are sturdy under fondant and stable at room temperature, as are the muds.SOFT SPONGE CAKE: AMERICAN BUTTERCREAM RECIPE: Thanks guys for watching!! I honestly feel naked now that I know I will be uploading one video a week... It's also a necessary change for the time being, but I do plan on coming out with a bonus video every now and again ;) Thank you for understanding! Between work at the bakery,work from home, the toppers, cake decorating classes and collaboration projects PLUS the videos..... That cortisol is definitely doing it's thing. But thanks for being there on this YouTubing journey! You guys definitely make this project worth while for me. Always so motivating, supportive and encouraging. Can I just say my self esteem before starting this channel and after has changed dramatically hahaha... I promose not to let it go to my head! Love you guys!Rosiefor business enquiries, please contact: rosiesdessertspot@gmail.com

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